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When you’re advertising your Colorado Springs rental home, the goal should be to create a marketing plan that will help your property stand out among the others on the market. You need to generate interest in your rental home, attracting plenty of exposure so tenants looking for homes will consider what you have to offer. This requires an eye-catching and detailed description as well as professional-level photos. 

There’s a lot of competition for great tenants, even in a market as competitive as this one. Make sure your marketing plan gives you the advantage you need to find good renters quickly. Here are our best rental property marketing tips. 

Start by Offering a Rent-Ready Colorado Springs Property 

Tenants have high expectations. You’ll need to understand this before you begin marketing your property.

You might have dozens of potential renters interested in seeing your property, but if they get to the home and find it in terrible condition or not move-in ready, you won’t have anyone filling out an application. Make sure you prepare the property for the Colorado Springs rental market before you begin the advertising process. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time and face a longer vacancy. 

Conduct a detailed walk-through of the property and decide what replacements, repairs, or updates will be necessary before a tenant moves in. Schedule the vendors and contractors to get to work as soon as possible. You’re not only repairing the wear and tear of the last tenant, you’re also creating an inviting and attractive space for the new tenant

High-Quality Photos are Essential to Rental Property Marketing

Prospective tenants are likely scrolling through ads on their phones or tablets. They’re going to look at your photos before they read your description. It’s important that your photos tell a good story about the home you’re renting out. They should show the best parts of your property, whether it’s a private outdoor space, a newly updated kitchen, or a spacious master bedroom. 

Make sure there’s plenty of good lighting when you take your photos and work the angles to really show off the size, shape, and detail of the property. 

A detailed and accurate description should accompany your photos. Talk about the benefits of living in this home, and describe the neighborhood and its amenities as well. 

Colorado Springs Online Advertising Platforms 

Online PlatformsThere are hundreds of online platforms for rental properties, and that’s where most Colorado Springs tenants are starting their searches. Post your listing on sites like Trulia, Zillow, Zumper, and Try RentCafe and PadMapper. Doorstepper is a new site that gets a lot of traffic. 

A Colorado Springs property management company will have the technology and the software that can quickly syndicate a listing to a number of different sites. This is one of the benefits of working with a property manager to lease your home. You can also expect a wide network of real estate agents and relocation professionals who can help market your property. 

These are some of the marketing strategies to pay attention to when you’re looking for a good tenant. It’s also important to follow up with anyone who expresses an interest in your property. Don’t avoid returning telephone calls and messages. Schedule showings and offer support during the application process. 

If we can help you market and lease your rental property, we’d love to talk about it. Contact our team at Muldoon Associates. We provide Pueblo property management in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas in Pueblo County and El Paso County.