Whether you’re a tenant moving into a new home or an owner who is preparing that home for occupancy, the move-in process can get pretty stressful pretty fast. There are dozens of details to manage, timing that has to be just right, and the ongoing concern that something might go wrong on day one of the new tenancy.

Have you considered allowing a professional property manager to handle it? 

Here’s how we can help.

Communication and Expectations 

If something is going to go wrong during the move-in process, it’s almost always due to a lack of communication. Your property manager will be responsible for facilitating open, transparent, and responsive communication. Tenants will understand the expectations and responsibilities listed in the lease agreement, and owners will have the peace of mind that their property is move-in ready.

Know what to expect leading up to the move-in and what to expect on the actual move-in day.

Managing Insurance, Utilities, and Logistics

The benefit of working with a Colorado Springs property management company is that they’ll notify tenants of their requirements. Renter’s insurance will be verified. Utilities will be turned on. All questions will be answered. Management companies have systems in place. We do this nearly every day for our owners and our tenants. There’s very little that can happen that we haven’t seen before. 

Move-In Inspection Checklists

Not only can you count on a smooth and efficient move-in process when you work with a property manager – you can also count on a well-documented one. We take pictures, videos, and detailed notes to reflect the condition of the home before your tenants take possession.

Conclusion/Call to Action

Property ManagerDon’t worry about the move-in process. Partner with a good property manager instead. Please contact us at Muldoon Associates. We’re here to provide the best in Pueblo property management and service to the surrounding areas in Pueblo County and El Paso County.