Conducting Annual Inspections on Your Colorado Springs Rental Property - Article Banner

At Muldoon Associates, we are professional Colorado Springs property managers with an interest in keeping our clients’ rental properties well-maintained and performing the way we expect them to. One of the ways we do this is by conducting annual inspections at our client’s request.

We strongly recommend that you perform an annual inspection at your occupied rental property, and there are a few important reasons that it’s a good idea.

Annual Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Your tenant might miss some of the smaller and infrequent maintenance issues at your rental property. They probably aren’t looking under the sinks a lot, so they won’t know if a leak has started. They might also be working really hard at not bothering you. If they want to be good tenants, they might not want to complain about minor issues that don’t seem to be a big deal.

It’s considerate when tenants hesitate before bothering you with small repair issues, but you don’t want to leave those small problems because they tend to grow big, more complicated, and more expensive.

Water can do some serious damage to your rental property, and with all the snow we get in Colorado Springs, there’s a good chance water is getting into the home without your tenants realizing it. During the annual inspection, you should check the walls and ceilings for moisture and discoloration. If you find a minor leak under a sink or tub, you can fix it economically and quickly. However, if that leak is left undetected for a year or more, you’ll find yourself dealing with mold and rot. That’s going to be more expensive and take up a lot of time.

During your annual inspection, encourage your tenants to make those maintenance requests, no matter how inconsequential they might seem to be.

Annual Inspections and Lease Enforcement

Another reason to do annual inspections is that you can make sure your tenants are paying attention to the terms and requirements of your lease agreement. If you’re not working with a Colorado Springs property management company, it’s up to you to hold your tenants accountable. During your annual inspection, you might find an undocumented pet. Or, you might notice that there are more people living in the home than are on the lease agreement. Perhaps you’ll see evidence of hoarding or pests, and you’ll need to address safety and cleanliness issues with your tenants.

Respect Your Tenants and Provide Privacy

You will notice we are recommending an annual inspection, not a monthly inspection. Your tenants are entitled to their privacy and the quiet enjoyment of the home they’re renting. Don’t show up for an inspection unannounced, and don’t make your inspections too frequent. If you did a good job screening, you won’t have to worry that the tenants are in there destroying your home.

once a year scheduleBefore your tenants move in, let them know you’ll do an inspection once a year. Provide written notice in advance of that inspection. Make sure your lease agreement mentions your annual inspection.

If you need some help from a qualified and experienced Colorado Springs property management company, we hope you’ll contact us at Muldoon Associates. We bring a unique level of expertise and service to the homes we manage.