Hopefully things are going great and you’ve read my previous Colorado Springs property management blogs on properly vetting tenants and keeping your rental property occupied! Remember you still need to stay ahead of repairs and upkeep on your property. As we come into fall it’s a good thing to have a list of items that you will check and repair before fall hits.

Summer in Southern Colorado involves hot days and 60-70 degree nights. There is little to no risk of freezing so hoses are easily forgotten and left attached to spigots, or sprinklers are set on auto-pilot with no fear of breaks. As we come into the fall season the days will stay warm but the nights will begin to cool. You will need to start the furnace soon and turn off the A/C. Here is a list of things you should do to your rental property as we transition into fall. Some of these items are tenant responsibility but use this as an opportunity to walk your tenant through the processes or provide them with preferred vendors to take care of it if they cannot.

  1. Have the furnace serviced and cleaned
  2. Keep an eye on your gutters as the leaves and sticks begin to fall
  3. Get into the habit of spooling up your hose and removing it from the spigot
  4. Fertilize and aerate your yard
  5. Check all weather stripping and caulking around doors, windows, vents, etc
  6. Winterize your evaporative cooler
  7. Turn off your sprinklers are nights that are below freezing
  8. Make sure you have secondary heating options in case there is a problem with the central heat
  9. Mow your yard at higher depth to help protect the grass from the coming cold season
  10. Remove all dead and overgrown vegetation

If you have completed this checklist you are well prepared for fall in Southern Colorado. I’ll be back shortly with a list of items to prepare for winter!