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Black Water

The second part of this two part series is going to go into detail about “black water” or water that is contaminated by sewage, asbestos, or any other harmful substances.  Black water is a major health hazard if not extracted properly and in a timely manner.  Extraction of black water by a person not certified should never be considered.  Special suits, breathing equipment, and disinfectants must be used!  Make sure you hire an IICRC certified company, I can’t stress this enough!

Although black water is commonly caused by a main sewer line back up, fresh water that has sat too long without drying typically transforms into black water.  Since water absorbs dirt, debris, and contaminants if it’s not cleaned up quickly the extent of the job will increase and the damage will worsen.  If the water is allowed to sit long enough mold will begin to grow and this creates another problem and a larger extraction job.  The point of this article and the previous water damage article is to keep you from having any additional problems arise should you have a backup or fresh water issue.  Act quickly, hire the right company, document condition and repairs and keep all this information available for future sale of the home!!!

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