Fresh Water

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This first part is going to cover the lesser of two evils in the water damage world, fresh water. Some of you may be under the impression that fresh water events are no big deal. The carpet got a little wet, you can shop vac it dry, and everything is good to go! Unfortunately this is not the case and you are going to want to make sure this type of work is done right or you could be opening yourself up to lawsuits or health hazards.

Water extraction is a complex business now. There is specialized equipment, chemicals and training required to properly extract and dry affected areas. If your affected areas are not properly dried you could be creating the perfect atmosphere for mold growth which will cost much more than just doing it right the first time. Fortunately, fresh water sources if tended to quickly are less of a health concern than contaminated water. If drywall is not “too” wet it can be dried, carpets can be peeled back and padding replaced, and there will not be a need for as much removal of materials.

Fresh water can turn into contaminated water if it’s not cleaned up quickly enough. Every minute the water is left in the home it collects more debris, germs, dust and dirt. It also wicks and soaks more and more areas in your home. This is why it’s so important to act quickly. As the water gets more contaminated the cost of mitigation goes up. Most water damage situations will involve humidity readings, specialized drying equipment and time. The wetter an affected area is the longer it’s going to take to dry. This all seems common sense but you would be surprised how many folks I talk to are under educated when it comes to this type of damage and they are shocked with they get bills that often times range in the thousands. I suggest contacting your insurance company and checking what kind of water damage coverage you have. If you don’t have proper coverage for fresh or contaminated water damage I suggest purchasing it or finding a company who offers what you need.

That finishes up our post on fresh water mitigation! Check back soon for the second and final part of this series which we will cover contaminated water mitigation!