Water Damage Introduction

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I’m writing this blog post to help property owners and property managers get more educated about water damage in a rental property or personal residence. This is important information because incorrect actions can result in fines, health risks, and excessive damage to your property. I’m not certified or licensed in the water extraction business but I do have a lot of first hand experience and that’s what I’m going to be sharing in this 2 part series.

There are 3 categories to differentiate between levels of contamination in the water source.

Category 1 would include water from a fresh/sanitary source. For example, the plumbing to your sink breaks and floods the kitchen.

Category 2 is somewhat contaminated water. This also includes fresh water that has been left for an extended period of time. Using the scenerio above, the water that came from the fresh water supply has been left on the floor, carpet, etc for a few days and has become contaminated with the dirt dust and debris on your floor.

Category 3 is grossly contaminated water. For example, your sewer line backs up and floods your basement.

For the sake of this blog I’m going to break it down into two category’s, “Clean Water” and “Contaminated Water”. I’ll also be touching briefly on insurance claims and insurance coverage. Please stay tuned for the first part in our series!!