Colorado Springs Advertising and Tenant Placement

You need to find good tenants, and we can help. Advertising and tenant screening services are essential for an effective leasing process. 

Muldoon Associates has developed systems and procedures designed to reduce vacancy, identify well-qualified tenants, and provide a smooth and stress-free move-in experience. Our leasing plans focus on strategic marketing and advertising, responsive showings, and rigorous tenant screening. The result? A well-qualified tenant and consistent rental income.

Here’s how we do it.


Accurate Pricing

Setting the right rental value will keep vacancy costs down and attract the best tenants.

Online Advertising

We’ll create an attention-grabbing listing and place it on all the popular rental sites.

Tenant Showings

Innovative tech allows us to show your property when tenants are ready to see it. 


Online Applications

When tenants are interested, we’ll provide a legally compliant online application.


Tenant Screening

Finding the best tenants means evaluating income, rental history, and financial stability.

Tenant Placement

Once we’ve approved the right tenant, we’ll handle all the move-in details.

Effective Leasing Leads to Better Investment Experiences

Get started the right way by advertising and leasing your rental home with Muldoon Associates. 

Learn About Our Advertising and Tenant Placement Services

We understand the Colorado Springs rental market. We know the competing properties and we follow the evolving tenant trends.


Rental Property Advertising

Strategic marketing in the Colorado Springs rental market starts with online advertising. That’s where today’s tenants are looking for their next property. 

With this in mind, we take professional-grade photos and walk-through videos. This will attract the attention of tenants who are more likely to visit photographs than reading descriptions. Once we have their attention, we’ll provide the details they need with concise, fact-filled listings and instructions on how to schedule a showing and get in touch. 

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Advertising will show up on all the popular rental websites, including Craigslist, Hotpads, Trulia, Zillow, and Zumper. We’ll feature your Colorado Springs home for rent on the well-trafficked Muldoon Associates website.

Responsive Tenant Showings

Understanding the local rental market is an important part of leasing your home. It helps with pricing and advertising. It also helps with tenants. 

We understand what Colorado Springs tenants are looking for, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s this – good tenants aren’t going to chase you down. 

They have options. And there are a lot of competing properties on the market. 

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We make sure to respond to every tenant’s phone call, email, and inquiry. We answer questions, provide information, and schedule showings. 

This type of responsiveness is a necessity if you want to find the best tenants and move them quickly through the application and leasing process. We excel at it.


Comprehensive Tenant Background Check

Every application we receive is screened thoroughly and in compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. 

With our network of screening tools and resources, as well as our investment in the best technology available to property managers, our Colorado Springs property management systems, allow us to quickly conduct tenant background checks, verify financial information, and find you the top tenants in the Colorado Springs area.

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The process includes:

  • Confirming identities
  • Running a credit check
  • Checking criminal histories
  • Looking for prior evictions
  • Verifying income
  • Verifying rental history

Get a Free Rental Analysis

Rental property owners are always wondering how much to charge for their homes. Contact us for help in pricing your rental property. We’ll balance getting you the highest amounts in rent while keeping your property competitive on the market.

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Explore Our Colorado Springs Property Management Services

Advertising, tenant placement, and leasing are only part of what we do. When you’re looking for full-service property management in Colorado Springs, contact Muldoon Associates.

Don’t take our word for it…

Read reviews from happy clients!

“Muldoon Associates has done property management for me over the last 12-13 years. In this time they have never let me down and they have come through and helped me solve any challenges making it possible for me to hold onto a house that I would have had to let go of otherwise. I have only good things to say about Muldoon Associates. Highly recommended, 2 thumbs up!”


Property Owner

“Daniel and his staff are very attentive and responsive. I’m an out-of-state owner and I have every confidence that my property is well managed. Every time I have a concern my questions are answered promptly, whether it’s a question about the state of the property or a question on my monthly statement….


Property Owner

4.8 /5
140 Reviews

Jul 18, 2022
Google Muldoon Associates Justin
Enlisted their help in selling our house and they provided great service in making that happen.
May 20, 2022
Google Muldoon Associates Bob
Muldoon has done a great job managing our rental. I appreciate that they keep us up to date on any issues. They rented our place quickly two times.
Apr 6, 2022
Google Muldoon Associates Eileen
Tenant review: The short version--overall, Daniel and the team at Muldoon were quick to resolve issues and left me feeling satisfied by the end of my lease. They do their best in complex circumstances, and any issues I mainly had were largely due to the property owner (in which Muldoon is simply the go-between). The long version-- The relationship with Muldoon was rocky at first, I will admit, largely due to my unique situation. The house I was renting was originally leased with a different rental company. Mid-lease and 2 weeks prior to the 1st, the property owner decided to change companies to Muldoon. I was informed by my prior company that my current contract would hold and someone would be in touch with my by the time my next rent payment would be due. I was not contacted by phone, text, or email by Muldoon by the 1st, and per my contract, I only had until the 3rd to pay rent. I had called several times to Muldoon and no one had answered. On the 2nd, I had gone to the local office in Pueblo to only find Laura who told me the property manager, Kerrie, was going to leave an informational letter in my mailbox later that day. Instead, Laura gave me the letter which contained instructions for the online payment portal and her phone number. I sent my information that very day, but still no call, email, or online portal activation by the next morning (the 3rd). I attempted to call Kerrie and ask where I could deliver rent to, but the number provided was wrong so I had no way to contact Kerrie by the 3rd. At that point, I was extremely anxious that I would be charged late fees (according to my current contract) and delivered a cashier's check to Laura at the local office (Pueblo). Rent was received, and I now had Kerrie's and Daniel's email. (Later, I discovered that Muldoon has a very different payment policy in regards to fees than my contract from my previous company. Hence, I could then understand the delay in getting my account started. I do wish this was explained to me at the time by Laura or Kerrie, but nonetheless, the issue was resolved and rent was paid.) 2 weeks into the first month I finally received my online portal activation. When I logged in, I had a message stating I owed over $400 in late fees from January (the first payment and original start of my lease with the previous company; several months before). I had contacted my previous rental company and they ensured I was never late nor owed fees. I then emailed Kerrie, Laura, and Daniel. At this point, Daniel became involved and forwarded my concern to their accounting department. Because January was my first month, I had a pro-rated amount due which was overlooked by Muldoon's accounting, thus they mistakenly thought I did not pay my full rent for that month. This issue was fixed that very same day and my balance was resolved. From that point on, Kerrie was efficient to reply and answer any of my questions regarding a renewal of the lease. Unfortunately, due to the economy and most likely the property owner, rent on a renewal lease would be $250 more than what I was currently paying. I do not find this the fault of Muldoon or its employees as I assume the property owner most likely stipulated the rent. In addition, I was given clear instructions regarding the move-out process and my full deposit was returned to me back within the designated time frame they provided. Aside from the initial difficulties, Muldoon treated me well during the 4 months I was with them. I would recommend working or renting from them to others and in the future. I only caution other renters to 'know your stuff' to prevent any miscommunications or frustrations.
Feb 20, 2022
Muldoon Associates Saleilua
Talking to someone was not easily accessible. However, online communication was sufficient and things made easier didn’t have to go anywhere just know how to access and input information on line. Glad my daughter can process faster; I am not as fast 🤔🤣👍
Feb 8, 2022
Google Muldoon Associates Aubrey
The Team at Muldoon Associates are great people to work with. They are quick and professional in their response to resolve any issues that come up. And they are actually kind people who seem to care about my well-being! My experiences with them both in moving in and with any issues that have come up have been good.
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Best Business of 2020 - Three Best Rated - Muldoon Associates, Inc. Excellence
Best Business of 2020 - Three Best Rated - Muldoon Associates, Inc. Excellence
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