Today I will be giving a landlords perspective on how a tenant should address their pets. There are a couple of different points in time where this will need to be addressed. It’s important to always be truthful and up front about the number of pets you have, breeds, ages, etc. For a landlord to make an informed decision they will need all of this information available.

If you are approaching a new landlord about renting a property and you have existing pets, make sure they are aware of this prior to viewing the property. Ask them if they accept pets and if yours meet their criteria. Also verify if there is an additional deposit, pet rent, or a pet fee required. You should probably ask if a pet addendum is required and review the terms of that also. This way the landlord is informed of your pets and you are informed of the owners expectations.

If you are living in a home currently and you have decided you want a pet…STOP! You should not decide you want a pet until you have addressed it with the landlord. The best way to do this is to first find out if the landlord will allow you to have a pet. You will then need the specifics as to what kind, how many, how large, etc. Don’t go fall in love with the Mastiff at the pound before you talk with your landlord!

In many situations the landlord will not have any problems with you obtaining a pet as long is it falls within the parameters of what they deem acceptable. You will want this information prior to looking for any type of pet. There are very few things worse than finding the pet of your dreams and not being able to get it after talking with your landlord. Once you know what the landlord expects you can go from there on what you should be looking for.

Once you have decided on the pet that fits in your landlords parameters you will want to notify them. Give them some information about the pet so they can get familiar with your choice. Pay any deposits that are required and sign any additional paperwork. At this point the pet has been agreed upon by the landlord, it is now reflected in writing, the deposits have been paid and you had a smooth transition into pet ownership. The landlord will be appreciative of your pro active approach and you will be happy knowing your pet will not be in violation of your lease agreement.

I hope this quick blog entry will assist you in your current and future endeavours into pet ownership! Feel free to contact me if needed.