In order to find and place a great tenant, you need to advertise your rental property. We have found that the most effective ways to advertise rental property are by doing online marketing and putting a sign in the yard.

Best Way to Advertise Rental Property: Yard Signs

A yard sign with some property details and your contact information can generate interest from potential tenants. Most of the neighbors in the area will know someone who wants to live in that neighborhood, or people will be driving around on weekends looking for a home to rent. When they see your sign and the property looks good from the outside, they’ll call you.

Where Can I List My Rental Property?

Statistics show that 80 percent of properties that are rented start with an online search. As a landlord, you can advertise on various websites. Don’t use just one site; it’s better to advertise on as many as possible. A higher concentration of ads will lead to high-quality tenants and better rent prices.

Make sure your ads are fair housing compliant. As a landlord, you must follow all fair housing laws, and you have to be familiar with the regulations. Make sure you know what the protected classes are, and avoid discriminating intentionally or unintentionally.

Avoid Advertising Scams

A blue and beige big house with an open house signage in frontWatermark all of your photos with your phone number or your email address. If a scammer tries to rip off those photos and place them on another ad, at least your contact information will be on the pictures. You really have to beware of scams. Every day, scammers are searching online ads. They scrape images and information, reduce the price, and lure people into calling and sending them money. We have seen it happen, and it’s sad.

If you have any questions about property management or how to advertise your rental property, please contact us at Muldoon Associates.